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Corporate Philosophy

The corporate philosophy of IMR Innovative Metal Recycling

Our environment, society and the economy are changing rapidly and incessantly. In order to actively shape this change, we need a common understanding of who we are, what we stand for as IMR and how we want to work together effectively in the future. Only on the basis of a common mission and the sustainable values associated with it can we act as a strong community and continue to assert ourselves in the market. We have defined our mission and the corresponding corporate values in this mission statement. The core idea of our business activities is simple:

We protect resources!

The constant striving for optimization in our company’s entire process chain is inseparably linked to the preservation of resources. Innovation at IMR always pursues the purpose of returning even better and more effectively recycled materials to the recycling cycle. In addition, we strive to be a role model in terms of responsibility and social commitment at all times.

Our guiding principles

Headquarter Krefeld

IMR Innovative Metal Recycling GmbH
Hentrichstraße 68
47809 Krefeld
Phone: +49 2151 5241-0

Receiving Times:
Shredder- and Pre-sheer material

Mo. – Fr. 6.00 – 16.00 h
High-Grade Steel & Non-Ferrous Metals
Mo. – Fr. 6.00 – 15.00 h

Subsidiary Krefeld Bataverstraße

IMR Innovative Metal Recycling GmbH
Bataverstraße 27
47809 Krefeld
Phone: +49 2151 5241-400

Receiving Times:
High Grade Steel
Mo. – Fr. 6.00 – 15.00 h

Niederlassung Siegen

IMR Innovative Metal Recycling GmbH
Obere Kaiserstraße 3
57078 Siegen
Tel.: +49 271 405934-16

Besucher-, Liefer- und Postanschrift:
Setzer Str. 2 (Ende Sackgasse)
57223 Kreuztal
Mo. – Fr. 7.00 – 15.30 Uhr