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Sustainable and efficient

metal recycling

Innovative Metal Recycling IMR was founded in 2008. Our core business is sustainable and efficient metal recycling to return scrap and metals as well as composite materials into the resources recycling system.

Aside from our principal place of business in Krefeld, we have a branch in Siegen and an investment in dhi Rohstoffmanagement GmbH. As the leading recycling operation in Germany, we provide in our three business divisions – stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and processing – customized, individualized service concepts and our own machine and development know-how for consistent, unmixed and sorted metal qualities. At IMR,  internal togetherness ranks first. In our daily endeavours with a variety of activities and programs, we aim at being among the best employers in the region. Because we know that only satisfied employees will lead to satisfied customers and suppliers.

Fit for life, fit for work!

We invest in the health of our employees! With our company health management, we ensure for the long term a healthy corporate culture!

At IMR we are constantly working to improve our processes and systems, always reacting with utmost flexibility in our daily operations – always in the interest of our customers and suppliers. And we are far more than a „scrap yard“. We are not only dealing efficiently and profitably for our customers but, in our daily work, we are also saving resources for our present generation as well as future generations. Sustainable operations and procedures are particularly important for us because the sustainable and efficient handling of raw and reusable materials is a major component part of our future.

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