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Corporate policy

Corporate policy

IMR Innovative Metal Recycling GmbH strives for continuous improvement with regard to quality, occupational safety, energy, environment and sustainability. The company policy is determined by the management. It is reviewed annually for its expediency and appropriateness, as well as compatibility with the business processes and adjusted if necessary. The corporate policy defines the framework for setting quality, occupational health and safety, energy, environmental and sustainability targets. Compliance with legal requirements represents the minimum standard for us, the specified limits of which should be undercut wherever possible, taking economic aspects into account.
The stable quality of our services is the basis of our long-term successful business activity. For us, quality means meeting and, if possible, exceeding both expressed and unspoken customer expectations. In this sense, our quality is an important criterion for customers in their purchasing decisions, order placement and long-term customer loyalty. Our understanding of quality ensures the success and competitiveness of our company.

Part of the maintenance and improvement of quality are also the further topics of occupational safety, environment, energy as well as sustainability. Even before the start of construction and use of our processing aggregates, the critical aspects regarding energy and the environment were taken into consideration. In cooperation with the relevant authorities, a project was carried out to reduce energy consumption and pollutants from processing aggregates. For the continuous development of our technical equipment, processes and organizational structures, we are always guided by the current state of the art.
With the production of secondary raw materials through recycling, our core business is already energy-saving, environmentally friendly and sustainable due to the resources saved compared to primary raw materials. To further improve our energy, environmental and sustainable performance, we recycle, prepare and store our materials with these aspects in mind.

We regularly evaluate the impact of our production processes in terms of their energy consumption and environmental impact. In doing so, all portions of the product are included in the consideration. In this sense, we are committed to measuring and monitoring energy consumption and measurable environmental variables through several sub-meters. Appropriate measures are taken and prioritized to reduce energy consumption as well as environmental impact, optimize the energy efficiency of our products and processes, and improve the environment by continuously improving our environmental performance. In addition, we have already been reducing our fresh water consumption since the construction of the first site through filtration systems and the use of rainwater.
Every use of energy is made on an economical and environmentally friendly basis. We use resources sparingly and look for substitutes for environmentally hazardous substances. Materials that cannot be further processed are used as substitute fuels for energy recovery. At the same time, we identify opportunities to work in a more sustainable manner and implement these within the framework of measures or projects. In doing so, we are committed to looking at aspects that can be implemented with little effort as well as complex issues and determining opportunities for optimization.

All our process flows are clearly defined and are subject to continuous improvement and further development. When new processes are introduced, they are documented in advance and the documents are managed accordingly in order to ensure and optimize quality and compliance with aspects of occupational health and safety, energy efficiency, environmental protection, and sustainability on a permanent cross-divisional basis.
To improve performance, topic-specific targets and action plans are drawn up covering the areas of quality, occupational health and safety, energy and the environment. The results of implemented measures and projects are regularly reviewed for their effectiveness and improvement measures are initiated as required. We undertake to make available at all times all information and resources necessary to achieve the topic-specific goals.
We see a significant connection between ecological and economic goals and therefore do not consider only the economic aspects. All decisions are examined with regard to negative effects on quality, occupational health and safety, energy consumption, environmental impact and sustainability aspects, and the results are taken into account in the further course of action.

Our employees are of enormous importance for our high standards. This includes both professional training and employee satisfaction. We therefore support the attendance of training courses and further education to increase the company’s competence. All employees are encouraged to actively participate in improving our performance. To this end, we are introducing a suggestion scheme in which every employee can submit suggestions for improvement in all areas, particularly on the topics of management systems as well as sustainability. Regular instruction/training and continuous information promote awareness with regard to quality, occupational safety, energy, the environment and sustainability. Each employee is obliged to support the objectives of the management system within the scope of his or her activities and qualifications and not to cause any negative effects on occupational health and safety, energy consumption, environmental protection and quality standards through his or her actions.

We, the management of IMR Innovative Metal Recycling GmbH, undertake to prevent work-related injuries or illnesses, accidents as well as personal injury and damage to property by providing safe and healthy working conditions. We are aware of our specific hazards and they are controlled by our personnel. We are committed to eliminating hazards, minimising health risks and preventing injury or damage to our employees, contractors, visitors and other stakeholders wherever possible. Technical and organisational measures have the highest priority. Legal obligations and other requirements represent a minimum for us. It is our goal to go beyond mere legal requirements by continuously improving our occupational safety management system. We consciously open up opportunities for our employees to actively participate in shaping occupational health and safety. In addition, we regularly consult with management and operational staff on occupational health and safety issues and work continuously to further improve it.
Our company is currently certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, DIN EN ISO 50001:2018 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015, the certification to DIN EN ISO 45001:2018 is being sought. We are committed to consistently apply and continuously improve the existing and planned management systems and all employees are involved in the implementation and maintenance of the management systems. The certifications ensure a regular external review as well as the documentation of our striving for continuous improvement with regard to quality, occupational health and safety, energy, environment and sustainability.

Customers and suppliers are also involved in optimizing our performance standards wherever possible. We are committed to informing potential customers about additional assessment criteria through the management systems. We also conduct regular supplier assessments with regard to their practices on the topics of quality, occupational health and safety, energy, the environment and sustainability.
With our business partners, the authorities, neighbors, the public as well as within IMR Innovative Metal Recycling GmbH we maintain an open communication on the topics of quality, occupational safety, energy, environment and sustainability. Furthermore, this is subject to continuous improvement. For this reason we are planning to create a sustainability report, which we will make available not only to our customers but also to the public via our homepage.

The measures described are intended to help create a positive social working climate in the company, avert economic losses and secure the company’s existence in the long term. Quality assurance, occupational safety, health and environmental protection as well as energy efficiency enjoy top priority in the context of service provision.
We make our corporate policy known to all interested parties.

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