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Code of Conduct

Our company’s essential values

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct was developed within the scope of an employee work group. On the basis of mutual principles and values, this code is to determine, today and in the future, the behaviour and activity of all the workforce of Innovative Metal Recycling IMR (hereinafter referred to as „we“).

Our employees identified and specified as our company’s essential values these three basic beliefs at a superordinate level:

1. We treat all employees and business partners with respect and tolerance.
2. We are always reliable and act with absolute integrity.
3. We meet all our interest or pressure groups with openness and esteem.

This applies not only in the internal relationship – i.e. dealing with colleagues among each other – but also in the external relationship, thus when dealing with customers, suppliers and the public relevant to us. Moreover, the requirements formulated in the following Code of Conduct (CoC) are used as an orientation for appropriate behaviour of all employees to protect the good reputation of Innovative Metal Recycling GmbH and strengthen it for the future on the market. All our employees voluntarily obligate themselves to comply with the CoC as of the point in time of the signature under their employment agreement and until their final leaving of the enterprise. We expect all our employees to identify themselves with our principles and basic beliefs and to act in compliance with them at all times. We consider it a matter of course that our executive personnel live by our basic beliefs and that they communicate them to the outside. Moreover, this CoC also formulates the claim imposed by IMR on its business partners: Just as our business partners can expect overall compliance of this code of conduct on the part of all IMR employees, we also expect compliance with this CoC from our business partners.

Everyone in our workforce was personally handed over this code of conduct. The CoC is valid for all employees at all locations. Deliberate violations of this code are utterly intolerable and will result in serious consequences within the scope of the applicable labour law provisions.

1. Compliance with laws and legislation

For us, compliance with laws and legislation is the most fundamental prerequisite in order to operate our business successfully. Accordingly, we expect every employee to always comply with applicable laws and regulations. No exceptions are allowed here and there is no margin of discretion or leeway. In case of doubt, we rather forgo reaching targets than breaching laws or regulations. Violations not only may result in civil and/or criminal law consequences for the individual employee but also bring about sanctions against the entire company and thus all its employees. For that reason, our employees must expect rigid disciplinary action in case of breaches of the law.

2. Collaboration with our customers and business partners

2.1. Fair competition and prohibition of corruption

Integrity and fairness are always our priorities even in business competition. We comply, at all times, with the existing laws in those countries in which we are doing business. In particular, we do not engage in any competitive arrangements, e.g. regarding terms/conditions or distribution of target groups and markets, and we do not tolerate any of the aforementioned as business practices.

2.2. Handling confidential business information

Business secrets and confidential information of our customers are always kept secret and protected against potential notice and knowledge by unauthorized persons. Sensitive business information of our business partners are only made accessible to those employees who are in direct contact with the respective partner and for whose business purposes the knowledge of corresponding information is indispensable. Also, business secrets and confidential information may not be passed on to unauthorized third parties, e.g. family members. This obligation also applies after withdrawal from the company. Just as we expect that our employees protect external business information and the intellectual property of third parties, so is the protection of our intellectual property and our company’s confidential business information indispensable for us.

2.3. Data protection or privacy

We take the protection of customers‘ data and employees‘ data very seriously. We treat personal data confidentially and in accordance with statutory data protection regulations as well as with our privacy statement.

3. Interaction with our employees

IMR bears responsibility towards all employees. We respect every colleague as an independent personality. The individual strengths of every single one are the prerequisite for the corporate success of our enterprise.

3.1 Equal treatment and nondiscrimination

Respect and tolerance are the basis of daily interactions in our company. The personal rights of all colleagues are important values and respected as such. As a responsible employer, IMR supports and promotes equal opportunities for men and women. All employees enjoy equal treatment from superiors and colleagues, irrespective of their ethnicity, skin colour, gender, religion, national and social origin, personal circumstances, their health status or age.

3.2 Demeanour and communication in public

Internal and external communications are one of the most important duties of corporate management. But at the same time, we consider all employees of IMR to be communicative multipliers and brand ambassadors and also promote the self-image of employees as such. For the communication in our company, the following most important premise or priority is applicable: Communication should be transparent, honest and credible. Transparent communication also includes, for us, the up-to-date communication on the social media channels operated by IMR. In this context, we consider direct feedback and communications with customers and followers as especially valuable.

3.3 Occupational safety and health protection

We are convinced that our employees‘ safety and health are essential for the company’s success. That’s why we attach, for the employees‘ well-being, the greatest value to the compliance with our health and safety at work guidelines. This applies especially for our colleagues operating plants and machinery. Caution and circumspection are the determining parameters for all operating procedures in the entire enterprise. It is our primary objective to employ capable and committed people in our workforce and achieve the lowest possible rate of illnesses and occupational accidents. Accordingly, we operate various in-house measures to promote health and we consider this commitment as a key element for the productivity and quality of our work.

4. Sustainability

Actively shaping the future – for IMR since its foundation, it has been claim, challenge and guiding principle all in one. The company as a whole as well as every single employee take that into account by daily accepting responsibility in all business divisions and facing the great challenges of our times: Using innovative metal recycling to make a contribution to a sound environment; taking care of responsible handling of resources and advocating fair social interactions, also in terms of the intergenerational concept.

4.1. Environmental responsibility

Economy-minded trade and business management are the basis for strengthening IMR in the future and lastingly ensure its commercial success. We always take care to design our operating processes such that any impact on the environment and the climate will be as low as possible. Every single employee at IMR is urged to adjust his or her individual conduct to the special responsibility for the protection of resources of a modern recycling operation. As a community at IMR, it is our aim /objective to harmonize the needs of humans, nature and the economy and make our contribution to a sustainable world. This also includes concrete process optimizations, such as „think before you print“ or waste sorting.

4.2. Handling machines and technical facilities

During the operation of our production plants as well, we always take care to keep any interactions as low as possible – especially with the direct surroundings at our locations. Maintenance and repair of our equipment or systems always takes priority over any possible new acquisitions. Digitalization in plant engineering is another chance for us to produce in a yet more ecologically sound manner.

4.3. Social commitment

We consider our company an active member of society and we are accordingly engaged and committed in various forms on a local and regional level. Active promotion of non-profit institutions and the support of numerous charitable projects from the areas of sports, culture and education – these are projects particularly close to our hearts. Here you will find a complete overview of the projects which we currently support and sponsor.

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