We’re different,
and deliberately so

Secondary raw materials in the cycle -
for a sustainable future

Efficient metal recycling

We conserve resources and safeguard values.

The planet’s resources are finite. The future belongs to secondary raw materials. Brand-new high-grade steel products are already being made using up to 95% recycled stainless steel. This is exactly where IMR comes in.

We purchase metals in various grades, sort them and reliably deliver the blends that steelworks, mills and foundries need. At our locations, we transform up to 500,000 tonnes of steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal per year into consistent homogeneous grades. With diverse technologies, outstanding quality management and highly competent, dedicated employees who have a passion for sustainability.


Who we are.

We are a healthy, exemplary enterprise. Progressive, extremely professional and intensely goal-oriented. We place top priority on the health of our employees.

We’re a strong team.

Open. Human. Approachable.


We respect one another.

Fair. Honest. Reliable.


We’re confident.

Creative. Bold. Professional.


Jobs and training at IMR

Springboard into a sustainable future

  • Cooperative rapport
  • Innovative solutions
  • Team focus
  • Passion for conservation

Your career at IMR starts here!

For information on job training and career opportunities at IMR,
contact: Stefan Rodigast, phone: +49 2151 5241 247

Moving forward together – that’s who we are!

Our passion for innovative, resource-saving solutions has made us one of the leading recycling companies in Germany. Our team of over 180 employees firmly believes that every step towards creating a more sustainable future counts. We share common values when it comes to making the world more liveable for coming generations.

What sets us apart: we’re a family business. Our success is based on harmonious cooperation, mutual support and the positive spirit in all our departments. Every one of us is seen, respected and valued. We don’t think in terms of hierarchies and titles. The trainee is as important as the boss. We embrace teamwork, support each other and are true to our word. Each of us is there for and looks after the other.


Materials for tomorrow.

This, too, is who we are.

The video offers quick insights into our everyday work – have a look!